Since I Had You


I have two favorite songs on Marvin Gaye’s I Want You album: Come Live With Me Angel and Since I Had You.

I’ve been trying to sing Since I Had You and get all the intonations and trills and all that other technical singing ish just right but it’s been a struggle.

Marvin Gaye’s voice was so unique. Even with my lady-like upper register, I have to practice hitting some of his high notes.

I have also CLEARLY been struggling with understanding the lyrics – just because I get so caught up in how beautiful the song sounds. That bass guitar and xylophone action in the background is everything.

This morning, I stumbled across a live version of Marvin singing the song and finally understood the lyrics and almost shed a tear.

I didn’t realize my boo Marvin was reading my love life for filth.

Apparently, he met this woman, they clicked, made love etc etc and then they randomly parted ways. After not seeing her for a long while, he runs into her at the neighborhood dance and then proclaims the following:

Since I had you girl,

I haven’t wanted no other lover

Since I had you baby,

There hasn’t been no other woman

Since I taste your honey,

I haven’t seen no other woman

I soooo feel this way about someone in my life.

I want to communicate all of this to him but I’m too much of a coward to pull it together.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to sing my heart out.

I prefer the album version over the live but Marvin was soooo fine and his beard…..YUM!

I Wanna Be Your Lover…At Least 3x A Day?


i want uOn Sunday, I ate Easter dinner with my extended family and the question on everyone’s lips was “Are you dating anyone??? Who’s the lucky guy???”

I almost told them yes but I kindly said “Nope, I’m very content in my solitude.”

My godsister even went as far as to ask “Well, are you celibate?”

Because in my extended fam, if you’re not married, you’re engaged. Not engaged? Welp, you’re looking. Not even looking? Well, you HAVE to be celibate.

I almost rolled my eyes at my sister and said “girl bye” but then when I thought I about it…I’m the epitome of a 30-year-old granny bc I’m sooo to myself. I replied “dag girl, I think I am celibate,” and we cackled.

Now back to the original question “Am I dating anyone?”

I actually am, his first name is Marvin, last name: Gaye swoons

Of course I can’t truly date this man, may his beloved soul rest in peace.

BUT, but, but, I’ve fallen in love with him all over again because I recently discovered the I Want You album.

I listen to it non-stop. Maybe not the best move for a granny who is content in her solitude but I can’t turn it off.

The beats are so ridiculously seductive.

How seductive?? I’ve legit perfected my Beyoncé hip roll.

And, I can drop to the floor, stay low and twerk for a good 3 minutes (try twerking consistently that low, that long, when you’re 5’11 and you’ll understand why I’m proud of my accomplishment lol)  like my West African boo Affo Love (may she rest in peace too).

The lyrics and Marvin’s voice……….oh emmm gee!

I so wish I could’ve been alive to see this man in concert because I would’ve been front and center peeling off ALL my clothes and throwing them on the stage.

The first time I heard “Come Live With Me Angel” (my fav on the album) I lost my mind.

Is it possible that anyone could want to be someone’s lover, at least 3x a day???

I couldn’t even imagine loving someone enough to want that much love.

I even asked my mom (#knowus we talk about EVERYTHING), “mommy, is that possible??? Can you really love someone enough to make love all day every day???”

She just smiled and looked away and my eyes goosed bc her silence equals yes and that yes means my dad is that person for her and yikes to even thinking about my parents having sex…three freakin times a day at that, YIKES!…but I really love that they are so in love each other…and if they hadn’t been so in love I wouldn’t be alive right now…and ooo I am soooo rambling….sorry, this is what happens when I don’t blog for 2 weeks.

Anyway, I finally realized of course it’s totally possible.

Just a matter of finding the right person and being open to that type of love.

Maybe one day…


La La La La Le Vuu…Three’s Company, Too!


Yep, been singing this non-stop for the last 24 hours and cackling.

My best friend randomly started singing it yesterday and I can’t stop snapping, singing, and listening to it on YouTube.

I grew up in a home with cable in every room except mine. Once again, my overprotective parents had all the sense because I totally would’ve been watching any and everything.

Since I had no cable in my room, my big ol box TV had an antennae with the following channels: 5(FOX), 4(NBC), 7(ABC), 9(CBS), 20(UPN), and 50(WB…CW)

Thinking back on it, I LOVED that TV. One of the last gifts my granddaddy gave me before he passed away. I refused to throw it out until my sophomore year of college when my parents finally let me have cable in my room.

As an only child, books and the TV were my world. Thanks to basic cable, I’ve seen every old school sitcom in its entirety.

Lol I think I’m still the only one of my friends who LIVES for MAS*H.

Anywho, Three’s Company was my (and still is) my show.

And, I love how to this day I have no clue what the next to last lyrics of this song are.

It’s almost like the last lyrics of Good Times but thanks to Dave Chappelle, I can loudly sing “hangin in a chow line” and smile.

Of course, I could Google the Three’s Company lyrics but I love my “la la la la le vuu” version :-)

Lol Don Knotts’ face is a cackle!

S…S…S-S-S-S…Go Suitland!


Ok, I know I’m totally ripping off one of my all-time favorite shows, Saved By The Bell, but I legit sung “B..B…B-B-B-B…Go Bayside!” this weekend lol.

High school is definitely all about coming of age and, trust, I went through all the motions as a teenager.

My first day of high school I had the following awesomeness going on:

  • I was 250+ lbs (I gag every time I see my chunky throwback pics)
  • The ONLY tomboy known for sporting Old Navy Performance fleece pullovers
  • NERDY as all get out
  • Braces with colored rubber bands #yikes
  • A square to the core and super green (I was on year 8 of attending church 5 out of 7 days a week)
  • Terrified and lonely

P.G. County is a predominately black county but I attended elementary and middle school in northern, M.D. at predominately white schools.

High school proved to be a game changer once my parents were informed my only options were Suitland High or Largo High. We (they) decided I would attend Suitland since Largo was across the street from my home. My dad didn’t trust that I wouldn’t skip school and do the most while they were at work (smart man lol!).

My first day at Suitland I was scared out of my mind. I love my people but I wasn’t used to a school full of black folk. And no shade, but Suitland was kinda hood.

How hood? Two years before I got there, a student was viciously murdered by two fellow classmates. In a separate incident, another student was stabbed in the freshman annex.

So yeah, I wasn’t just scared.

I was petrified.

Fast forward to freshman orientation and I’m teary eyed in the auditorium, trying my hardest to hold it together. As I walked around looking for a seat, I recognized an old friend from Girl Scouts and piano lessons.

I was so happy to see her that I ran over and hugged her tight, praying she would remember my face.

Not only did she remember me, she invited me to sit with her friends.

These friends would eventually become my high school crew that I hung with non-stop for four years.

And, I can honestly say Suitland was beyond chill the 4 years I attended. I was able to take IB  and AP courses and I was a member of National Honor Society. I thrived, maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA and I did well enough on my SATs to secure a scholarship to several colleges.

As the years passed, some of us lost touch and quite a few relocated but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg we were all able to reconnect via Facebook :-)

This past weekend we celebrated my friend’s birthday in New York and I reunited with my high school crew.

Talk about amazing times. We reminisced, drank, partied, drank, ate, drank…did I mention we drank, lol?

Granny doesn’t usually drink but I was blessed to be relived of my usual designated driver status since I was in New York.

I used to be a flake, a recluse who refused to travel for any reason. Not anymore. And, especially not when it comes to this particular friend.

If it wasn’t for her, I probably would’ve ended up with the wrong crowd or a miserable loner in high school.

For that, and many other reasons (she was turning 30!) I refused to flake and was beyond happy to make the trip.

I’m so grateful to have these connections all these years later. Friends are EVERYTHING!



I am literally walking around singing “hiiiiigh-errrr” non-stop today.

My “Old School Is Everything” playlist on YouTube has several amazing gems I’ve added over the last few months.

Teddy Pendergrass’ voice gives me so much life. Clearly, since he’s on quite a few songs on my playlist lol.

Once upon a time the lyrics to this song would’ve made me spiral and have the only meltdown.

But not anymore, honey!

I think the most critical piece of advice I received last year was to focus on myself.

My clairvoyant had much to say during our conversation but she kept repeating “Focus on you. Stay to yourself. Allow people to leave your circle.”

That advice has opened all the doors for me and drastically improved my physical, mental, and (most important!) emotional well-being.

I’m so grateful for the peaceful aura that has enveloped my life. It keeps on lifting me hiiiiiiiiigh-errrr…hiiiiiiigh-errrr :-)

Teddy goes all the way auf at 4:35 and I love every second of it!

Primp Beauty Bar: My First, My Last, My EVERYTHING!


20140320-154322.jpgNo, seriously, cue the Barry White right now!

Primp Beauty Bar is my official beauty supply store for life. I have so much to say about this wonderful, magical place, but first a little background:

I am the epitome of a hair product junkie. I’ve been natural (chemical-free) for the last 10 years and I’ve rocked all the styles.

  • Locs – two sets over a 6 year period
  • Braids - #knowme I’ve rocked everything from blonde micros to golden Havana twists, to jet black cornrolls that stop at my fatty
  • Wigs – I’ve rocked the Whitney Houston curl, the sultry Sasha Fierce/Farrah Fawcett ombre, and the basic shoulder length bob with a bang
  • Twist Outs – My least favorite of my styles. I’m not a daily maintenance kind of girl so this is when my product junkie tendencies take over my life.
  • Big Chop – I completed my 4th big chop the first of this year.

Now, I have a TWA (teenie weenie Afro) and I’m trying to decide if I will shave it down low, maintain the current length, or let it grow out for braids in the summer.

I was discussing my indecision with a coworker and she asked if I’d ever been to the only black-owned beauty supply store in D.C.

My response: There’s a black-owned beauty Supply Store on U Street?!?!?!

She went in about how she’d heard about the store on the Frank Ski show and by the end of the convo I was determined to visit with the quickness.

Why Primp Beauty Bar is EVERYTHING!


The prices are comparable if not cheaper than your average beauty supply store.

I’m not talking about Sally’s either. I mean the Costco-sized beauty supply stores that have everything you can think of…everything except trained experts on site and amazing customer service, but more on that later.

I genuinely felt good when I spent my money and time here, I could tell my patronage was appreciated on so many levels.


How about you can get a free sample of ANY product in the store. Ayanna (the owner) encourages her patrons to try before they buy.

I legit gagged when she told us about the free samples. Any true product junkie knows how easy it is to spend a small fortune trying all the options available for your hair type.


Ok, the aura, vibe, whatever you want to call it, was amazing. The store is very open and light and there are products galore! The product placement and floor scheme was so beat (beat=cute/on point). I am not used to a high-end feel when I visit the beauty supply store so I was loving every second!

The music gave me soooo much life. I had to hold it together and not twirl to Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and


Not only was I greeted immediately when I walked inside (and offered water or wine), I was able to have an in-depth conversation with Ayanna. This never happens when I hit the beauty supply stores near my home.


Looking for Malaysian, Indian, Remy hair? She has it all and offers installation payment plans.

And, how about there’s all types of textured, colorful braid hair in stock too.


The makeup hasn’t come in yet but the OPI polish was on sale for $6.50. I definitely copped a bottle.

HU U Know!

Primp Beauty Bar accepts Howard University’s Bison card. This of course touched my heart as an alumni and made me über pressed to visit the store.

The Vision:

There’s a salon coming. And, a private area where you can try on wigs. That private area means the world to me…I hate trying on hair in front of strangers!

This is a bar where there will be weekly evening events. I love the idea of sipping and talking to people who are familiar with the struggle that is hair.


Company reps have already and will continue to do free product giveaways and host events.

Makeup artists will be on site for a full face beat once the makeup arrives.

Final Thoughts:

Take a deep breath and process all of the aforementioned awesomeness and make your way to Primp Beauty Bar ASAP!

The owner, Ayanna, is the best! I think the most enjoyable portion of my visit was being able to ask someone about hair products and receive genuine advice. I usually have to google a product I’m interested in, read all of the reviews, and then jump out there and take a chance.

On a philanthropic note, Primp Beauty Bar is hosting a product swap the last Saturday in March. You bring in all your old products so they can be donated to young girls living in a group home. I completely melted when she mentioned this as we left the store.

Check out Primp Beauty Bar on Facebook for location and hours.

True Detective


I don’t do spoilers. But, please watch this trailer and then get’cho life and watch the entire season.

Matthew McConaughey (MMC) is such a beast on this show. Clearly, he’s a beast in general, i.e. his Golden Globe and Oscar wins this year.

I finally watched Dallas Buyers Club this weekend and I fell all the way in love with MMC. I thought the film would be heavy and make me cry non stop. It was heavy, but for me it was a powerful film about resilience and the will to live.

My life has been peaceful as of late and I’m extremely focused on my writing and fulfilling a few life goals in general. Watching Dallas Buyers Club reminded me to continue fighting for my dreams regardless of what comes my way.

Yesterday, I watched the season finale of True Detective and it almost made me cry. MMC reminds me of my fav actor/boo/muse Daniel Day-Lewis (DDL). Every time that man hits the screen, I’m in the theater opening weekend. His performances make me cry just off the strength of his talent.

Lol no really,  I burst into tears the first 5 minutes of Lincoln, just because DDL was giving me full-out Abraham Lincoln. The movie was just O-K to me…sorry but Steven Spielberg throws me off sometimes…but it was DDL’s performance that made the entire movie worth viewing.

The same holds true with MMC. From now on, I’ll be watching all of his movies opening weekend.

And, bless Nick Pizzolatto for his writing skills on True Detective. Another reminder that I HAVE to keep writing :-)